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Cheshire, flash 2
You recognize him immediately. Instantly. "…Elijah? Elijah!"
And you throw yourself at him, and he catches you and holds you almost painfully tightly, spinning with momentum and you're laughing in spite of the tears in your eyes, clinging to him equally tightly, until he stops, sets you down those scant inches on your feet and you just stare at each other, drinking in the sight—you're lost in eyes the color of the night until he says, "You look strange, dressed as a man."
And you laugh, laugh again, your heart swelling almost to bursting with twenty years' worth of love overwhelming a hundred of separation.
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Loki - 'Good Enough For Now'
"Odin..." You're pressed against each other and you feel hard muscles and rough scars and scratchy, his beard is rough beneath your hands and you half want to yank it just to see what'll happen and his one eye is like fire staring at you, blazing gray-blue and your fingers wander beneath his eyepatch, lift and brush away and he lets, and you just know you're the only one other than Frigg who he lets do that, you brush it away and he opens his hollow eye and you see the emptiness there and that hurts, somehow, even though he did it willingly; like he went and became this, became the All-father without your permission, without your input and against your will but you couldn't stop him if you tried, but the image kind of hurts nonetheless, a shudder wanting to run down your spine at the thought of him plucking his eye out, handing it over for knowledge—that's always been his weak point, wisdom, k
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Cheshire, flash 1
Leaning forward, fingers gently on his chest, lean up and kiss him.
Just softly. Just gently. Because this is—
And then pull away, and he raises an eyebrow. Grey-silver. "You're not the first student to do that."
Breathlessly, pink and yet almost joking, serious and playful at the same time. "I don't care."
Roll eyes, smile a bit, wrap an arm around your waist, pull you close into a kiss again.
[Just affection, really. Not romantic. But you don't care.]
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Belial - Fabrics
Silk. Satin. Lace. Velvet. Nylon, cotton, polyester, netting. Stockings and gloves and garters, lacy and delicate and held up by flimsy, clinging belts. High heels, platforms, ties wrapping around leg, ribbons around limbs and hair and glittering clips; stiff, sheeny material in skirts, spread out over walls. More lace, in heavy petticoats and ballroom skirts and ridiculously long dresses. Gowns made of gauze and fluttery, offering peeks of things hidden underneath.
Pale and creamy, long legs and slender fingers and willowy body, burgundy hair and blue-gray eyes and pink lips. Beautiful face adorned by make-up, lipstick and mascara and eyeshadow, liner and blush and unrecognizable yet still knowing, blue lighting and elaborate costumes and beautiful.
So beautiful.
So beautiful...
Fabrics. Clothing.
It turns you on. So much.
Just the sight of him, in stockings wrapping around those smooth legs, feet in high, high heels, white and silk painted with flowers and dia
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Loki - Like This
You turn around and put the torc and brooch on the glass-top table with a clack and he's crouched down beneath this massive glassware cabinet, peering around inside with it. "Recognize anything?"
It squints and shakes its head; he shrugs and motions you over. Bottles of whiskey, scotch, cognac and various others you don't recognize in different languages sit there, faintly dusty and gleaming. After a moment, his long fingers pull out a pair of tall slender ones and passes one to Bel.
"That's a mild one, if you want to try."
It nods, a grin spreading over its face that makes you snort. Silly.
You watch him as he pours the drinks and ice with cut-crystal glasses from the cabinet; he's so... ethereal, almost, so... amazing and beautiful, like a different creature altogether... the little contented smile on his face, like he's taking joy in just doing mundane tasks...
['Maybe he still has it, after all, that joie de vivre... he just doesn't notice it or something...']
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Jervin - Wings
It stills gets to you, sometimes.
Sure, it's kind of neat, having wings; a lot of times you like to just lie in bed and play with them, run your fingers through silvery, fluffy-ish feathers (but not too deep; if there's one thing you weren't expecting was touching the skin underneath them to be a giant turn-on), appreciating the sensations.
And then there's the fact that you're learning to fly, which is also pretty neat, even though you've never had any particular desire to before you died. But you know a lot of people would be envious of you (the flying part, not the dead part, although being dead like this isn't so bad; it's actually pretty great), and you want to learn, figuring there's no point to having wings if you can't fly.
And they like your wings, like messing with them and raking fingers through your feathers when you let them out during sex (that's another thing you haven't figured out, that's weird—where the heck do they go when you make them vanish?
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The Bot Character Meme
Why hewwo dere! Why yes. This is a meme. First things first! Pick eight characters. E-I-G-H-T. Not seven. Not twelve. Eight. Ready?
1. Muse
2. Annette
3. Levi
4. Bel
5. Alli
6. Loki
7. Gwen
9. Marcus
No, eight sir!
8! (flings the Holy Meme Grenade)
Ahem. So. Got them? Good. Off we go~
1. Seven and five randomly burst into song! Write me a ten line or more duet. Is it sung well or very badly off-key? What sort of dialogue do these two instant vocalists put a tune to?
...Uh... I have no idea!!! (sobs)
2. Three, four and eight have been giftwrapped for five's birthday in a box with a few too little air holes. Who did it, how much coercion (read: bribery or incapacitation) did each person need to get them INTO the box and what is five's reaction?
Probably Gwen did it. With probably a LOT of coercion for Levi, next to none for Bel, and... maybe a little for the doctor? I'm not sure, maybe he'd just do it and fall asleep inside or something... Levi would require much threatening, but Bel wou
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Belial - Playing Music (Again)
He carefully creeps out of bed and to the bathroom. He washes his face not in cold water, but warm, for once, trying to preserve that feeling from the dream. He looks up at the face looking back at him in the mirror and tilts his head; the face mimics and almost unconsciously he smiles. His reflection smiles back, and it's a nice smile, he decides; a nice expression.
He goes back to washing his face.
Music singing in his soul...
When you wake some time later, no, a little while later, you're alone in the bed and you blink in surprise. But then you look up and sit up you see the door open, the door behind the door, leading into a long corridor through which morning sunlight is beginning to stream and—
The sound makes you freeze and tilt your head, trying to catch it—the sound of music.
High and light and chords rippling gently through the air, quietly, so you can barely catch it; you slip out of bed and blink the sleep from your eyes and head closer for a better hea
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Shape-shifter Meme by FallDeere
Shape-shifter Character Interview Meme
Choose an OC that is a Shape-shifter.  It can be a werewolf or anything that changes forms.
Fill this out as your character.
Post it in your journal OR as a deviation on dA.
Link back here and post here with a link to the filled out Meme.
Have fun!
Hello!  It's extremely nice to meet you.  What is your name and gender?
B: Hello. My name is Belial, and I am genderless. (tiny smile)
L: Hey~ Loki, the one and only, and while I'm male I can also be female at your convenience~ (winks)
B: (glares at mildly)
[Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to get you two together...]
L: (grins and shrugs) I can take it any time.
B: You wish.
[Guys, guys! Please!]
That's a great name!  Now, what is your species or race?
B: I'm a demon... but there are different kinds of demons around the interdimensions.
L: ...That's a tough question... I'm half-jotun from my father's side, bu
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Muse - Charmed Life
We're the only ones here who haven't lost anything. Isn't it a little unfair? Chesh is broken; Bel's obviously had things happen to it before; Jervin's died. Loki's jaded and bitter and betrayed; I'm sure Annette has bad things in her past, too.
We're so lucky. Living charmed lives...
We're kind of oblivious, aren't we? To all their pain... is it selfish to want to have experienced it, just so that we can relate? Or is it better that we haven't, because we can smile and look forward so innocently, so oblivious, pull them into the light because we don't know these things, don't know of those things...
I don't know.
I guess... it's just the best we can do, to be optimistic and happy and support them, to just... be here for them. Just... to do what we can, no matter how little.
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Belial, flash 1
"Re~e~ach for the sta~rs," he sings as his fingers dance over the ivory, "No matter how fa~ar~" tilting his head back as though he can see them. "Someday they'll fa~ll, end withal…" An almost wistful smile on his face, a sparkling in his eyes as he hits the last reverberating note with his pinkie.
Then he takes his hands away from the piano, smiling towards your gentle clapping. "Odd song, isn't it? A touch morbid~" The smile is beautiful, absolutely happy, eyes closed and tail tip waving gently…
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Cheshire - First Life
See him standing there, on cobblestone streets: laughing. In the flower of his youth, his eyes sparkle and everything about him glows with life. He smiles with the pretty girl with the golden eyes; watch as they reach for each other's hands with the smooth, practiced motion of many years. He gets in a wink before she does; she nudges him and it's his turn to blush before they smile and laugh again and walk down the street, leaning on each other's shoulders.
What are they talking about? Plans. Plans for the dazzling future, wrought with myriad possibilities.
What... did I want? What did I want, back then? What were we planning... ah, yes, to conquer the world... back then it'd seemed possible, that together we could do anything, accomplish anything with our talents...
And then he's standing somewhere else, a white room with linoleum floors and white walls and cold metal. This time he's not smiling. He's shaking with horror and he's pale as death, almost as pale as the walls. He
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Muse - Light-bulbs
Light-bulbs are totally awesome and everybody should have them in their house. Light-bulbs equal ideas and if you have tons of light-bulbs around then you'll get tons of ideas. What's that, you say? People already HAVE light-bulbs all over the place in their houses? Well, they need to get more! Of course. I mean, duh.
…yes. Light-bulbs. People need light-bulbs We ALL need light-bulbs. Light-bulbs are brilliant, don'cha know. And in more ways than one. Do you know all the THINGS you can do with a light-bulb? …well, maybe you don't wanna go there. But some people have a burn fetish.
What? How'd we go from light-bulbs to fetishes? I have no idea, isn't it awesome?
Fetishes are awesome too~ Wanna hear some of the latest ones I've heard, huh huh?
Aw, you people are so boring… who doesn't want to hear about fetishes? I mean, aren't we all subconsciously focused on sexytimes anyway and Fru—Fre—Freud was right? Huh?
Argh, you're all so BORI
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Numbered Meme by BigBro18
1. Muse -- Hyper nutcase
2. Annette -- Stoic businesswoman
3. Cheshire -- "A fascinating mess of charismatic contradictions" + Patron Saint of Mindscrew + Fifty different kinds of awesome
4. Belial -- Adorable demon photographer
5. Jervin -- Dead ex-street fighter
6. Loki -- Trickster pseudo-god
7. ...going to borrow Levi for this. -- Idiot--I mean, easy-going angel.
Let's begin, shall we? You can write simple responses, or drawn out paragraphs.
1. Number 3 and 6 get into a bareknuckled brawl. How does the fight go? Who wins? The reasoning for the fight is up to you. (If you are not feeling particularly creative then Number 6 has delivered a pride destroying insult to 3.)
They would actually possibly get into a magical brawl, in which case Chesh would make short work of poor Lokikins. It's not that Loki's bad, because I've seen them duel before? It's just that Chesh's power level is insane due to his mystic eyes, so if he really wanted to he could absolutely pwn. But
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Loki - Duel
"Hit me with everything you've got."
"Everything?" You raise an eyebrow skeptically, but he just nods.
"Everything. Mindbolts too. Don't be afraid to use force; if it gets truly dangerous I'll teleport."
You find yourself grinning; oh, he wants to play rough, does he? "Alright. Everything."
He smiles, claps his gloved hands together once, and pulls the gloves off, tucking them into a pocket. "Come on, see if you can stop me," he says, and the distance between you is about twenty feet; not too far, which is good considering you're not all that skilled at long-distance. He closes his eyes briefly, and when he opens reopens them, that mesmerizing pattern is there, what she's dubbed mystic eyes and the rest have adopted.
"See if you can stop me." A glow of runelight appears around your fingers as you grin.
He smiles, and assumes a relaxed posture but you can see the slight bending of his knees. He doesn't blink, watching you. For a moment you don't blink either, a long mo
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Cheshire - Beginning
It comes up to you one day, not long after coming back here to this space with the bubbles and purple, and tugs your sleeve gently. You turn to see strikingly green, amazingly beautiful eyes staring up at you earnestly.
"You're pretty," it says. "Can I take pictures of you?"
You're mildly surprised at the request, but you have an admitted weakness for cute things. Cute people. And this one is by far the cutest you've ever seen and you can't refuse.
You smile. "Sure. What do you want me to do?"
"...Sit over there. Like that. Clasp your hands around your knee—mhm. That's good. Chin—mhm."
You can get the basic feel of what it's aiming for, so you project your gaze off into the distance and keep the faintly amused smile there on your face as it shuffles around and the shutter clicks. It's somewhat entertaining, watching it crouch down with this expression of complete focus, the tip of its tongue sticking out just slightly... the intent focus, the comple
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What is Project Interdimensional?

Project Interdimensional is an attempt. It is communicating and making thoughts, images, and memories somewhat concrete. Putting things out into the world, emotions from certain people who don't have the same access. Putting people out into the world, presenting their lives unvarnished, in all their detail. These lives may be unsavory, heart-breaking, or heart-warming—but they are all one thing: heartfelt.

Who are these people?

Please visit the cast profiles under the 'Profiles/Memes' folder.

Can I ask them questions?

Of course. Feel free to comment with questions, thoughts, or for clarifications.

What the heck is 'interdimensional'?

Interdimensional is as to the interdimensions, which link universes to each other to form one enormous multiverse. The interdimensions are between worlds and act as a sort of connection. Parts of it are composed of misty gray corridors, and other parts of it like any other world, with towns, cities, shopping malls, people, etc.

Is this a story?

No. Not any more than life is a story. But since you can consider life in and of itself a story,  and as there are events, backgrounds, pasts, and progressive changes, feel free to consider it a story if you'd like.

Who the heck are you?

You may call me Diane. I merely act as a communicator for the people. A transmitter, passing on these words that have nowhere to go.


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